| PDF | 26 th INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN COMPETITION «RODOLFO LIPIZER PRIZE» – GORIZIA 7 th – 16 th SEPTEMBER, 2007 violino Member of WORLD FEDERATION OF INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITIONS – GENEVA RULES 1) The Competition will be held from 7 th to 16 th September 2007. It is divided into three stages, eliminatory, semifinal and final, which will be held in public at the Auditorium in Gorizia, via Roma 23. 2) The Competition is open to violinists of all nationalities who were born after 16th September 1972. 3) Admission will be decided by the Competition Organizing Committee after checking the required documents and their validity, and will be communicated between May 1 st and 15 th 2007. 4) The net entrance fee of € 100,00 (both issuing and receiving bank charges excluded) must be sent immediately after the candidate’s application has been accepted to Associazione Culturale “Rodolfo Lipizer” ONLUS (no-profit), in one of the following ways: – from Internet : you can use your Visa or MasterCard or your PayPal account on our e-commerce web site http://ecommerce.lipizer.it/ – from Italy : a) deposit into the postal account number 1Ø78Ø492, or b) bank transfer to c/c (*) BBAN: TØ8622124Ø1ØØ4ØØØ251116 – from abroad : a) international postal order, or b) bank transfer to the current account 251116 of the (*) SWIFT / BIC: CCRT IT2T96A • IBAN (compulsory for U. E. countries ) : IT61TØ8622124Ø1ØØ4ØØØ251116 (*) Banca Credito Cooperativo – Cassa Rurale Artigiana di Lucinico Farra e Capriva, Via Visini 2, 34070 LUCINICO GO – ITALIA. Please indicate name and surname of the competitor . The payment of the entrance fee is necessary to receive the compulsory score by Irma RAVINALE. In order to quicken the dispatch we suggest to send the payment receipt by fax. The entrance fee will not be refunded in any case. 5) Those who won the first prize at previous “Lipizer Competition” cannot enter the competition. 6) The performing order for each stage will be decided at the beginning of the Competition by ballot held in the presence of the Jury and the competitors. 7) Competitors must play from memory (except the Sonata and the piece composed for the competition) and use well-known editions for their fidelity to the original texts. In the respect of copyrights they must also own, and bring to Gorizia, the original scores of the musics they will play ( no photocopies admitted ). 8) Two Official Pianists will be available for free for those competitors who will not have their own accompanist. The violinists who are considering to choose, for the second stage, point 3BX, a contemporary piece , will have to be accompanied by their own pianist. In case they don’t have their own pianist, the Organizing Committee will inform them about the possibility of being accompanied by the official ones. As regards point 3BX (a contemporary piece ), copy of the music must be forwarded to the Organizing Committee within the application deadline. 9) The Jury will be composed of the following members: Roman VLAD President ITALY Rodolfo BONUCCI Member ITALY Jens ELLERMANN Member GERMANY Patrice FONTANAROSA Member FRANCE Igor OISTRAKH Member UKRAINE Angel STANKOV Member BULGARIA Lina YU Member CHINA Representatives of the Ministry of Cultural Activities and of the World Federation of International Music Competitions of Geneva will be able to assist to the Jury’s works, but will not vote. 10) The admission of each competitor to the semifinals, the choice of the (maximum) six competitors who will be admitted to the finals, as well as their classification, based on the three tests, will be established by the Jury’s majority resolution with an open vote; their decision is final. 11) Candidates who do not reach the semifinals/finals will be given an opportunity to ask for explanation to the members of the Jury. 12) Free lodging and half board will be offered to all competitors (violinists only – not accompanists ) for the whole period they are officially in the Competition, at the student hostels suggested by the Competition Office, starting from September 6 th . A list of hotels for direct booking will be sent to those competitors who intend to lodge at their own expenses. 13) The final stage and the “Finalists’ Concert” will be broadcasted by radio and television by RAI Italian Radiotelevision Network. The winner of the first prize could have the chance to record a CD. In case of such registration no fee will be due to the performer. Representatives of the Supporting Organizations, agents of recording companies and concert agents will be invited as “observers” to the final test and the Finalists’ Concert. 14) Each candidate binds himself to the acceptance of all rules governing this Competition upon his signing the application form, and consents to the use of his personal information for the purposes of the competition and its artistic promotion, according to Italian Law 30.6.2003, n. 196. 15) Only the original Italian text will be considered valid in case of dispute. 16) Before their performances, the candidates might be required to show an identity document. REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTERING THE COMPETITION: 1) The following documents must be sent by registered mail to the address below not later than April 30 th , 2007 : a) a statement in which the applicant declares his intention of participating in the Lipizer Prize; b) the application form , thoroughly filled in and clearly indicating: – Surname, Name, gender, language for the correspondence, chosen among English, French, German, Spanish and Italian; – Place, country and date of birth; – Birth nationality and Citizenship; – Curriculum studiorum concerning musical education; – Professors’ names and addresses, mentioning length and dates of the studies with each of them; – Chosen programme for each of the three stages; – Request for the Official contest pianist, if needed; – whether he/she requires a free room with half board, booked by the Competition Office in a student hostel, or prefers to stay in a hotel at his/her expense; – Date of arrival in Gorizia; – Signature (if under age, the application is to be signed by a parent or legal guardian); – Permanent and temporary address from 1 st May to 4 th September 2007 , telephone, fax numbers and e-mail; c) a birth certificate or similar official document; d) 3 recent artistic photographs (no black and white) of the applicant, preferably with the instrument; e) Curriculum vitae plus a brief biography presenting the candidate’s musical education and concert career, and any other document the applicant considers important; 2) In case of a registered letter requesting missing information, the competitors who have applied to the competition need to reply thoroughly within 15 days since they receive it. 3) The entry requests sent by e-mail are considered only as a pre-enrolment booking, and should therefore be confirmed by sending by mail the requested documents and the application form, filled in thoroughly and signed by the competitor him/herself. 4) The candidates who are admitted to the competition need to confirm their participation exclusively from July 1 st to July 15 th , 2007. 4) The competitors who will not comply with such requirements for the entry will be considered renouncers of their right to participate, and will therefore be excluded from the competition without notice. 6) All correspondence and communications have to be addressed to: Segreteria CONCORSO INTERNAZIONALE DI VIOLINO “PREMIO RODOLFO LIPIZER” Via don Giovanni Bosco 91 34170 GORIZIA GO, ITALIA Tel.: 0039-0481-547863 • Fax / Tel.: 0039-0481-536710 E-mail: lipizer@lipizer.it • Website: www.lipizer.it PROGRAMME: FIRST STAGE (eliminatory) 1) R. LIPIZER 1895-1974 From Study no. 18 – Variations “Presto”, “Andante”, “Allegretto”, “Risoluto”, “Allegro moderato” a page 153 from “Advanced Violin Technique”, with original bowings and fingerings, immediately available from the secretary’s office of the Competition by payment of € 33,00, following the conditions of payment, as provided in the Rules, point 4. 2) J. S. BACH Adagio and Fuga from Sonata no. 1 in G minor or Grave and Fuga from Sonata no. 2 in A minor or Adagio and Fuga from Sonata no. 3 in C Major or Allemande, Double, Corrente and Double Presto from the first Partita in H minor or Ciaccona from Partita no. 2 in D minor or Prelude, Loure, Gavotta en Rondeau and Giga from the third Partita in E Major. 3) W.A. MOZART First movement and cadenza among the following concertos: G Major KV 216; D Major KV 218; A Major KV 219, with piano accompaniment. Among the cadenzas we also recommend the one written by Soulima Stravinsky e Roman Totemberg (Etition Peters No. 67717). SECOND STAGE (semifinal) The duration of the program should be 40 to 50 minutes. 1) N. PAGANINI One Caprice for unaccompanied violin from op.1 2) Irma RAVINALE 1937 Cadenza for unaccompanied violin (2006) , composed for the 26 th Rodolfo Lipizer International Violin Competition. The score will be sent before 31 st May 2007 to all admitted competitors who will have paid the entrance fee. 3) A Sonata and a virtuoso piece among the following (A+B) or (α+β) : A) 19 th century Sonatas: L.v. BEETHOVEN in D Major op. 12 no. 1; in A minor op. 23; in F Major op. 24 “Spring”; in A Major op. 30 no. 1; in C minor op. 30 no. 2; in G Major op. 30 no. 3; J. BRAHMS no.1 in G Major op.78; no.2 in A Major op. 100; no. 3 in D minor op. 108 G. FAURÉ no. 1 in A Major op.13 (1875-76) C. FRANCK in A Major (1886) E. GRIEG no. 3 in C minor op. 45 (in the 100 th anniversary of death) F. SCHUBERT in A Major op. 162 (1817) (D. 574) R. SCHUMANN in A minor op. 105; in D minor op. 121 B) 20 th century pieces: L. BERIO Sequenza VIII for violin unaccompanied (1977) L. CHAILLY Recitativo e Allegro (1987) for violin and piano dedicated to Elena Lipizer (*) W. LUTOSLAWSKI Subito for violin and piano R. MALIPIERO Mosaico secondo (1988) for unaccompanied violin (*) M. RAVEL Tzigane (1924) A. SCHÖNBERG Fantasia op. 47 (1949) K. SZYMANOWSKI Nocturne and Tarantella op. 28 (1915) G. TURCHI “Kreutzeriana” (1989) for violin and piano (*) E. YSAŸE a Sonata from op. 27 (1924) for unaccompanied violin Caprice on the Ètude in the form of a Valzer op. 52 by C. Saint-Saëns (*) obtainable at the Office of the Competition X either a piece for solo violin or a piece for violin and piano by a composer born after 1907 α) 20 th century Sonata for violin and piano: C. DEBUSSY in G minor (1916-17) G. ENESCU no. 3 in A minor op. 25 L. JANACEK no. 3 (1921) F. POULENC (1943) S. PROKOFIEV no. 1 in F minor op. 80 (1938-46) no. 2 in D Major op. 94 b (1944) M. RAVEL no. 2 in G Major (1927) A. SCHNITTKE no. 1 (1963) I. STRAVINSKI Duo concertante (1932) or one of the following Sonatas for unaccompanied violin: B. BARTÓK (1944) S. PROKOFIEV in D Major op. 115 (1947) β) 19 th century virtuoso piece for violin and piano: A. BAZZINI La ridda dei folletti op. 25 E. CHAUSSON Poema op. 25 P. CIAIKOVSKI Waltz-Scherzo in C Major op. 34 N. PAGANINI I palpiti; Le streghe; Nel cor più non mi sento C. SAINT-SAËNS Havanaise op. 83 (1887) Introduction et Rondò capriccioso op. 28 (1870) P. de SARASATE Air bohémien – Zigeunerweisen op.20 Carmen fantasia op. 25 Fantasia from the Opera Faust by Gounod H. WIENIAWSKI Polonaise brillante in D Major op. 4 Scherzo – Tarantella op. 16 Polonaise brillante in A Major op. 21 THIRD STAGE (final) With the Symphony Orchestra (1+2) or (A+B) 1) First movement with cadenza among the following Concertos: L. v. BEETHOVEN in D Major op. 61 M. BRUCH no. 1 in G minor, op. 26 2) One Concerto to be chosen among the following: S. BARBER op. 14 (1940) A. BERG (1935) E. BLOCH (1938) A.I. KACIATURIAN (1940) D.D. SCIOSTAKOVIC no. 2 op. 129 (1967) A) Part of one Concerto among the following: E.B. BRITTEN 1 st and 2 nd movement from the Concerto in D minor op. 15 (rev. 1958) S. S. PROKOFIEV 1 st movement from the Concerto no. 2 in G minor op. 63 (1935) B) One Concerto to be chosen among the following: E. ELGAR in E minor op. 61 (1910) (in the 150 th anniversary of birth) P.I. CIAIKOVSKI in D Major op. 35 F. MENDELSSOHN in E minor op. 64 R. SCHUMANN in D minor (1853) J. SIBELIUS in D minor op. 47 (rev. 1905) ( in the 50 th anniversary of death) PRIZES: First prize «RODOLFO LIPIZER PRIZE» € 10.000,00 (indivisible), Diploma and silver medal offered by the President of the Italian Republic. Besides, a violin, offered by the I.P.I.A.L.L. – International School of Violin-Making “Antonio Stradivari” in Cremona, together with a silver trophy offered by the newspaper “IL PICCOLO” from Trieste. The winner will play on Lipizer’s violin on 16 th September at the closing ceremony of the “Finalists’ Concert.” Moreover, the winner will be engaged for the following concerts by: – AGIMUS – Associazione Giovanile Musicale of Padova; – Cultural Association “R. Lipizer” along with a Symphony Orchestra for 2-3 concerts in Gorizia and in the main winter resorts in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, from 29 th to 31 st December 2007; – Association Orchestra Cantelli of Milano; – BIG Agency of Bacau – Romania with a symphony orchestra from Romania for one or more concerts, to be agreed, in Romania and in Italy; – FGMI – Foundation Music Youth in Italy of Milano, for a tour concerts in the main Italian cities. In the past years the winner has been engaged in the following concert seasons and we hope this will happen again in the future. This depends on the winner himself or his agent, who is responsible of contacting directly the engaging concert Societies from a list that will be given. Second prize € 6.000,00 and a Diploma. The second prize winner will be engaged by R. Lipizer Cultural Association for one or two concerts in Gorizia during the concert season 2008-2009. Third prize € 4.000,00 and a Diploma. Fourth prize € 2.500,00 and a Diploma. Fifth prize € 2.000,00 and a Diploma. Sixth prize € 1.500,00 and a Diploma. – All competitors will receive a participation Diploma. – The first prize cannot be divided. As concerns the other prizes, the Jury can give an opinion of equal merit for two or more competitors. In this case, the prize assigned to each competitor will derive from the sum of the prizes fixed by the order of merit and equally divided. The next competitor in order of merit will receive the prize following those that have already been awarded. If one or more prizes are not awarded, the eventual finalists (the last on the list of finalists) who won’t result classified within the first six, will be qualified as “finalist” and will be awarded a prize in money which will not exceed the amount of the sixth prize. – The Concurso Internacional Ejecucion Musical “Dr. Luis SIGALL” in Viña del Mar, CHILE – offers, as a special prize to the First-Prize winner of the Rodolfo LIPIZER contest, the automatic admission to the next International Violin Competition, free board and lodging and travel expenses (return ticket from his/her place of residence). SPECIAL PRIZES: The following special prizes will be awarded to talented competitors according to the Jury’s decision: First stage (eliminatory) € 310,00 offered by Prof. ELENA, R. LIPIZER’s daughter, and his nephews Maura and Claudio SORO for the best performance of Studio no. 18 – Variations from “Advanced Violin Technique”; € 300,00 offered by the Gruppo Costruzioni dell’Unione degli Industriali della Provincia di Gorizia to the best interpreter of a Sonata by W.A. Mozart; Second stage (semifinal) € 500,00 offered by the LIONS “MARIA THERESIA CLUB” GORIZIA, for the best performer of Cadenza for unaccompanied violin (2006) composed by Irma RAVINALE; € 520,00 offered by composer Teresa PROCACCINI, president of the “R. Lipizer Prize 1999”, to honour the memory of her parents Vittorio and Maria PROCACCINI, to the best interpreter of a XXth Century piece or Sonata; € 520,00 offered in memory of Bruna BRESSAN PIROLO by her sons for the best semifinalist not admitted to the final stage; € 300,00 offered by Prof. Lorenzo QUALLI in honor and memory of his mother – Anna PICIULIN, widow of the latest Mr QUALLI – who kindled in him the passion for music, to a semifinalist of strong artistic temperament; € 300,00 offered by Prof. Lorenzo QUALLI, the Competition’s creator, for the best Sonata performed in the second stage; Third stage (final) € 500,00 offered by the PRESIDENT OF THE AUTONOMOUS REGION OF FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA, to the winner of the “Rodolfo Lipizer” Competition. € 300,00 offered by SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL ITALIAN CLUB of GORIZIA to a finalist, best interpreter of the Concert by Schumann or the Concert by Elgar ; € 600,00 offered by Dr. Lucio ROSSMANN and Dr. Eng. Fabio ROSSMAN in memory of their aunt Dr. Gemma KENICH VIOZZI and her husband Giulio VIOZZI, composer from Trieste and president of the 1982 “R. Lipizer Prize”, for the best performance of a contemporary concert, third stage, point no. 2; € 520,00 offered by Mrs Laura PECAR and her son and daughters Claudio, Elisabetta and Erica in memory of their husband and father Giuliano PECAR, keen on music and clever trader in the sector of music, to a finalist, best performer of a virtuoso piece. __________ € 400,00 offered by prof. Ucci and Federico MAGRIS in honor and memory of the violinist Umberto CORUBOLO, Ernesto LEONARDI and Savino LOVISUTTI to the best semifinalist voted by the public.
Febbraio 26th, 2008