Message of the President prof. Lorenzo Qualli

Message of the President prof. Lorenzo Qualli fotoquallilorenzo The “Rodolfo Lipizer Prize” celebrates its 25th anniversary, an achievement which fills with pride the Organizing Committee of the International Violin Contest – the Association, the Associates, the Subscribers and the native city of the musician. Going back to the past, we can recall unforgettable events, like the 1 st Edition, back in 1982, for its immediate and indisputable success, mostly due to the violinistic work by Lipizer recognized worldwide, and to the prestigious jury of enthusiastic musicians appealed by the name of the Goritian pedagogue and now duly part of the “History of Music” (G. Viozzi, D. Asciolla, A. Pelliccia, W. Schneiderhan, Y. Neaman, B. Goldstein, and R. Klopčič), as well as to the brilliant young violin players, among whom shines the first prize-winner, the “rising Korean star Hae-Sun Kang” , as Asciolla then defined her. Another important milestone in our history was the admission (Geneva 1985), by unanimous vote, of the “Rodolfo Lipizer Prize” to the World Federation of International Music Competitions (WFIMC) for the solidity of its programs. … Literally unforgettable were the concert commemorations of the 10 th , 20 th and 30 th anniversary of the death of Maestro Lipizer, very important events indeed, both for the opening lectures by the learned musicologists Paolo Bozzi, Barbara Popazzi and Antonio De Nicolo , and for the excellent soloists, “Lipizer” graduates and non, the violin duet Hae-Sun Kang – Kino Masayuki, the violin player Emmanuele Baldini, “Salvatore Accardo and friends”. Yet another prestigious moment was when the “Lipizer” Competition (Santander – Spain, ’88) was conferred the organization of the 39 th Assembly of the 100 Competitions members of the Federation to honour the centenary of the birth of the Goritian musician, which successfully took place in Grado and Gorizia (April 28-30, ’95) before 93 representatives from the five Continents. In those three days of Assembly – which is held annually in the different cities of the Competitions – The “Lipizer” Association scheduled three cultural-musical highlights: at the Regional Palace of Congress in Grado, with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Moldavian Radio-Television of Chisinǎu, conducted by M° Daniel Pacitti and two winners of the “Lipizer Prize”, Anastasia Čebotariova (Russia ’92) and Alexander Dubach (Switzerland ’86); at the Kulturni Dom in Gorizia, the same orchestra and the Tchaikowski Piano Trio , interpreters of a Beethovenian program with opuses 55 and 56, preceded by the celebration of the Centenary of the eminent musicologist Quirino Principe and of the special stamp annulment; and finally at the Patriarchal Basilica of Aquileia with the Schola Aquileiensis and the Chamber Group “F. Candonio”, conducted by M° Gilberto Pressacco. On January 18th, ’95 – the centennial of the birth – the organ player Alessio Corti, graduated at the CIEM of Geneva, opened the celebration at the Church of Saint Ignatius. In 2001 – the millenary of the city – a very vivid memory: meeting with the President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi at the Prefecture of Gorizia, who awarded the Japanese winner Keisuke Okasaki with the silver medal. An important and appreciated acknowledgement of the City Administration which entitled a square to the musician, “Piazzetta Lipizer” in Borgo Castello, on September 5 th , 2002, just before the 21 st Competition. Very gratifying for the organizational efforts are the brilliant international careers of the “Lipizer” graduates which, once again, confirm the validity of the objective evaluations by the Juries. The 25 th anniversary will close with a concert by world famous Uto Ughi, utmost Italian violin player. The event will open the Concert Season on October 28 th , and it will be a “magic finale” thanks to the sponsor, the Foundation of the Savings Bank of Gorizia, presided by Mr. Franco Obizzi, who has always been very keen on all the cultural activities of our territory. (translate by Alessandro Carli) prof. Lorenzo QUALLI President of the “Maestro Rodolfo Lipizer”ONLUS Cultural Association and of the Organizing Committee
Novembre 30th, 2006