Roman Simovic 24th International Violin Competition

Roman Simovic 24th International Violin Competition “Rodolfo Lipizer Prize” Roman SIMOVI C 1st PRIZE Roman SIMOVIC Born in Kemerovo – RUSSIA age 24 Birth Nationality: russian Citizenship: serbian-montenegrin Roman Simovic started his education in the domain of music at the “Solomija Kruseljnicka” Music School of Talents, Ljvov (Ukraine), and continued it at the “Vasa Pavic” School of Art in Podgorica, in the class of his father, Prof. Igor Simovic. He graduated from the Music Academy of the University of Montenegro in the age of 17. In 2000 Roman Simovic, Master of Arts, passed successfully entrance examinations and was admitted to the “P. Tchaikovsky” Moscow State Conservatorium, for the Master’s Deg ree Aspirant studies, in the class of Prof. Marina Yasvili, the head of the Department of Violin. He has started giving concerts with great symphony orchestras since the age of eight: Philharmonic from Ljvov, Philharmonic of Kiev and Symphony Orchestra of RTV Ukraine, chamber orchestras of RTV Montenegro, “Horreum Margi” from Cuprija, “Leopolis Strings” from Ukraine, “The New Israeli Chamber Ensemble” (Haifa, Israel), chamber orchestras from Moscow – Moscow State Conservatorium… There are also his performances with the Poznanj Philharmonic (Poland), Symphony Orchestra of Subotica, Philharmonic of Vojvodina (SCG), Praga Philharmonic… At the age of eight, he won the first prize at the “Jaroslav Kocan” International Competition in Czechoslovakia. In the last twelve months, Montenegrin culture was enriched by Roman Simovic’s extremely significant recognitions: the second prize at the “H. Wieniawski” International Competition (Poland), and the second prize at the “A. Yampolski” International Competition (Russia). Year 2003 his a winner of second prize of the “Sion Valais” (Shiomo Mintz) violin competition in Switzerland and year 2004 his became winner of “Valsesia musica” international violin competition in Italy. Roman Simovic cooperated with distinguished artists of the worid music scene: Schiomo Mintz, Itamar Golan, Rohan De Silva, Eduard Grac Igor Simovitz, Marina Jashvili, Mladen Jagust and many others. Hi performed in great holl’s like: “Boljsoj zal” (Moscow),”Mickewich holl” (Poznan),”Grand opera house” (Tel-Aviv),”Rudolfinum” (Praga),”Victoria holl” (Zeneva). ln year 2005­/2006 hi will record 24 Caprises N. Paganini.
Luglio 25th, 2006